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about FertiKola - U.S. based consulting firm on Russian and American business

Experience, innovation, networking
We are open for any business - big or small

FertiKola is based in Tampa, Florida but our network of industry specific experts are located in Washington, New York, Boston, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The management office in Tampa evaluates every project and puts together a team of experts with the best qualifications for the research, preparation of the business plan and implementation of your business idea or project.

Our experts are business veterans, operating corporate officers, successful managers, and prominent scholars.

Our completed and on-going projects include:

  • direct marketing and sales of Russian bulk mineral fertilizers in the    Western Hemisphere
  • global U.S.-Russian marketing partnerships
  • network of direct sales agents in several Latin American markets
  • full service agency offices in the U.S.
  • credit lines for operations
  • shipping arrangements, including spot and time charters
  • discounting of foreign drafts and letters of credit
  • U.S. Manufacturing of nutritional supplements for export to Russia and  the Ukraine
  • several infrastructural projects for seaport terminals and storage and   handling facilities in Russia, Argentina and Brazil
  • development of a successful medical laser business with sales in the        U.S. and Europe
  • Many web development and e-commerce sites
  • Development of mission specific software for on-line businesses and    corporate sites
  • Patent work for innovative companies and trade marking in the U.S.

Our management group and Advisory Group are run by the President/CEO Mr. Andrei Leonov, who is based in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Leonov is a 1987 graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. He has worked in and started several Russian-American business in the U.S. since 1991.



FertiKola is a U.S. corporation, providing consultant, agency and brokerage services to U.S. and Russian businesses since 1998.

Export-import of commodities (mineral fertilizers, metals, industrial chemicals), seaport facilities, storage and handling, shipping,
hi-tech equipment, consumer goods, e-commerce, on-line marketing, internet technologies.

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